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Associate Program

JamFactory’s Associate Training Program provides high-level skills and business training for artists, craftspeople and designers working in the areas of Ceramics, Glass, Furniture or Jewellery + Metal.

As a JamFactory Associate, you will:

  • Improve your design, making and business skills
  • Further develop your own work and creative identity
  • Enhance your presentation and communication skills
  • Increase your profile and expand professional networks
  • Be exposed to significant career development opportunities
  • Have access to outstanding specialist facilities.

Key Activies as a JamFactory Associate Include:

Working with creative staff to develop a tailored two-year work plan that is reviewed every six months to ensure personal goals are being met.

Working on design, development and production of real projects, products and commissions within a successful and highly collaborative studio environment.

Actively participating in day to day maintenance, improvement and operation of the studio.

Developing new individual work for potential sale through JamFactory shops with the opportunity to formally present work for consideration every two months.

Developing new individual work for potential exhibition at JamFactory or elsewhere.

Entry into the program is highly competitive with applicants usually having completed tertiary level study in one of the four studio areas or a closely related art or design discipline. Applications are shortlisted and interviews are conducted to select up to four Associates within each studio each year.

The cost to JamFactory of each Associate position is between
$15,000 and $20,000 per annum. This cost is covered by a
partial subsidy from Arts SA and through commercial
activity undertaken in each studio.

An administration fee of $1,100 is payable by each Associate per annum (this fee can be paid in advance, or as a deduction from income earned in the program). Associates receive income from commercial work undertaken in the studios and from the delivery of workshops and public programs.

Associates are encouraged to use the facilities to generate additional income through sales of work (through JamFactory shops or other outlets) and private commissions. International applicants pay a fee of $11,000 per annum.


Download Associate Information Sheet

Download Associate Application Form

Enquiries are encouraged in advance. Applications close 31 August each year. If you would like to apply, please contact JamFactory Reception on (08) 8410 0727  or contact@jamfactory.com.au to find out more before submitting a written application.